Happy Father's Day Designs Set 0f 8

These are quick and easy cards to make!

Designs in package

HFD Son--3.9 x 4.11 inches

HFD Daughter--3.9 x 4.14 inches

HFD Children--3.9 x 4.19 inches

HFD Sailboat--3.9 x 4.02 inches

HFD Fishing--3.9 x 2.88 inches



HFD 18th Hole--3.9 x  4.28 inches

HFD Golf--2.5 by 4.16 inches

HFD Golfer--3.9 x 4.37 inches


These are quick and easy cards to make!

All 6 5inch designs are stitched directly on the blank greeting cardstock.

The cardstock makes 5 1/2 x 4 inch cards and came with envelopes.

This was purchased from my local craft store. 


1. Hoop a tear away stabilizer & spray top with Spray adhesive & Use a Sharp needle

2.  Find & mark with a light pencil dot the center front of the card

3.  Lay the card (wrong side down) on top of stabilizer-centering the the design & center of the card

4.  Hold card down firmly in place, start machine off very slowly to 2nd stitch and proceed slowly

5.  Make sure that the card stays flat on the stabilizer or the stitches will go through.

6. When the design is complete, trim excess stabilizer, place layer of cardstock or nice fabric to cover the inside.

Have fun adding your own personal messages to each individual card before embroidering the card by handwriting your own message or printing message on your printer or purchasing stamps from crafts stores.



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