Zipper Tissue Bag - In The Hoop Project

with design file you receive a step by step PDF instruction sheet with pictures.

3 design files - diagonal lines, floral1 and floral 2.


While in the car, my husband asked for a tissue.  I pulled one out of my purse with a few other items attached.  His reaction was very negative. 

 He asked “ Why can’t you carry clean tissues in that purse?”  On another occasion my teenage grandchildren requested a holder for their small packages of tissue. 

   My first in The Hoop with a zipper and swivel hook attachment was created.  This 3.5 x 5 inch design fits all brands of small packaged tissues. 

 There are 3 lovely designs for 1 price for this Zipper Tissue Bag

JJ Zipper Tissue Bag
3.5 by 5 inches

Completely In The Hoop Project


NOTE: Swivel snap hooks (1inch at Hobby Lobby & 3/8” at Michael’s) or on the internet



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