Free Standing Lace Ribbon Earrings

Set of 5 Pairs


*Note-Sized by the pair on width

Designed by Judi

On Top Right:  JJ1Red, White, Blue Earrings with 44366 stitches
1.57 by 1.25 inches 

On Bottom Right:  JJ2Red, White, Blue Earrings-3 loops (no edging) with 4789 stitches
1.70 by 1.40 inches

On Top Left: JJ3Red, White, Blue Earrings- single loop (with edging) with 5160 stitches
1.79 by 1.26 inches

On Bottom Left: JJ4Red, White, Blue Earrings- 3 loops (with edging) with 5600 stitches
1.76 by 1.41 inches

As Shown above: JJ5Ribbon Earrings with 3900 stitches
2.11 by 1.39 inches


Pink earrings made with a variegated thread.


Special Note: Earrings stitched out "thinner" using a polyester or fine cotton pre-wound bobbin of matching color.
I liked the light & airy feel of the thinner Ribbon earrings instead of using the same thread top & bottom as normally recommended.


NOTE: These 3/4 inch Kidney wire Earring Hoops can be found

in jewelry-creating departments of your local hobby & craft stores.

NOTE: If your little designs slip on the wire hoops, move the wire closer together at the point where the wire goes through the small circle at the top of the design.



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