Rainbow Roses with Mylar 3inch Designs

Set of 8

Sample of Rainbow Rose #8 stitched on linen napkin (picture on left).

Sample of Rainbow Rose #8 stitched on knit shirt with machine stitches (picture on right).


JJ01 Rainbow Rose with 7142 stitches and 2.98 by 2.91 inches

JJ02 Rainbow Rose with 5911 stitches and 2.95 by 2.75 inches

JJ03Rainbow Rose with 5468 stitches and 3.00 by 2.47 inches

JJ04 Rainbow Rose with 7176 stitches and 3.01 by 2.55 inches

JJ05 Rainbow Rose with 7091 stitches and 3.01 by 2.86inches

JJ06 Rainbow Rose with 6751 stitches and 3.00 by 2.46 inches

JJ07 Rainbow Rose with 5259 stitches and 1.98 by 2.64 inches

JJ08 Rainbow Rose with 5877 stitches and 2.99 by 2.54 inches

*You can match these earrings with a matching Rose earrings-- Click on picture



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