Rainbow Roses with Mylar 4inch Designs

Set of 8  

Stitch with the Mylar or without--great for stitching on linens, towels, jackets, heavy fabric blouses.

JJ01 Rainbow Rose with 8682 stitches and 3.52 by 3.43 inches

JJ02 Rainbow Rose with 7118 stitches and 3.49 by 3.24 inches

JJ03 Rainbow Rose with 7089 stitches and 3.71 by 3.06 inches

JJ04 Rainbow Rose with 9930 stitches and 3.81 by 3.22 inches

JJ05 Rainbow Rose with 9477 stitches and 3.83 by 3.6 4inches

JJ06 Rainbow Rose with 8029 stitches and 3.41 by 2.79 inches

JJ07 Rainbow Rose with 6478 stitches and 2.78 by 2.74 inches

JJ08 Rainbow Rose with 8156 stitches and 3.83 by 3.24 inches

*You can match these earrings with a matching Rose earrings-- Click on picture



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