Texas Bluebonnet: Set of 6 Designs

in 3 sizes and 2 designs

Sizes are 3inch, 4inch, and 5inch

Design Types:

 1.TX outline is normal (outline shows through the flowers) 

2. TX outline is hidden in green & top flower.


JJ3inTXBluebonnet1 2.95 x 2.80 with 3090 stitches

JJ4inTXBluebonnet1 3.92 x 3.72 with 3552 stitches

JJ5inTXBluebonnet1 5.01 x 4.74 with 4945 stitches


JJ3inTXBluebonnet2 2.95 x 2.80 with 3048 stitches

JJ4inTXBluebonnet2 3.92 x 3.72 with 3902 stitches

JJ5inTXBluebonnet2 5.01 x 4.74 with 4888 stitches

To order select the proper file type for your machine from the "File Type" pull down menu and click "ADD TO CART". 

  Bluebonnet Special Price:

Set of 6 Designs

(except PCS does not receive the 5in designs)

*Has Matching Earrings


File Type



Set of 6 Designs & Matching Earrings

(except PCS does not receive the 5in designs)



File Type


*You can match this design with a matching earrings-- Click on picture


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